Things to Know Before You Visit the Charleston Museum Charleston SC

Charleston Museum Charleston SC

In South Carolina, in the neighborhood of Wraggborough, the Charleston Museum Charleston SC, one of the United State’s ancient museums, is located. Natural history, historic artifacts, two historic houses of Charleston, and decorative arts are some of the extremely appreciated collections in this museum.

Charleston museum

History of this museum

The American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia and the Museum of Peabody Essex in Salem, Massachusetts or the museums in the category of the museum of Charleston SC as it is one of the ancient museums of the US. In 1773, this Museum was established but for the public, it was opened in 1824. When Laura Bragg was hired as the director of this museum in 1920, then this art museum of America, funded by the public, was directed by a woman for the first time.

In 1980, the present building of this museum was finished in Charleston, South Carolina at 360 Meeting Street.

Collection in the museum

The things exhibited in The Charleston Museum Charleston SC include the display of local history, natural history, as well as pieces of silver decorative arts. Some of the known ruminants of probably the largest dead bird, Pelagornis Sandersi, discovered some time back are housed in this museum.

Two historic houses are also owned and operated by this museum including:

The Joseph Manigault House: This home with federal-style decoration includes early 19th century French, American, and English furnishing.

The Heyward Washington House: This house constructed in the later part of 18th-century was owned by the signatory of the Independence Declaration and Revolutionary patriot, Thomas Heyward, Jr. This house is more popular for accommodating George Washington, the President, during his visit to Charleston in 1792.

Both of these houses are publicly open. For each house, the admission fee is $12 but by buying a combo ticket you can save money. You can find paid parking for the public across the road as the space in free parking for public is very limited. 

The Charleston Museum Charleston SC has two levels. On the first floor, you can see temporary exhibits of local history, the section of National History, as well as the gift shop of the museum.

On the second floor, you can find eight permanently displayed exhibits including:

The Armory: A few examples of historic weaponry, from 1750 to the twentieth century, are displayed in it.

Lowcountry History Hall: It allows you to know about the Native Americans who initially occupied Lowcountry of South Carolina and the African-American enslaved colonists.

Charleston in the Civil War: Here you can know about the role of Charleston in the Civil War.

Becoming Americans: It allows you to explore the role of Charleston in the revolution of America.

Early Days: Here you can see global collections including a mummy and the case of mummy from Egypt.

Kidstory: You can see a live history of Charleston in this practical display for children.

Historic Textiles: This section exhibits a regularly rotating rich collection of historic clothing and textiles.

Charleston Silver: This section showcases the finest impressive silverwork of the craftsmen and women of the South.

This entire tour to the Charleston Museum Charleston SC may take nearly 2 hours to complete.

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