The beautiful White Point Garden Charleston

White Point Garden Charleston

White Point Garden Charleston, a public park having a wide-open green space with distinctive trees and small artillery. This garden is an excellent recreation place and a stop for the public. This park is also known as Battery Park. It is considered as the best outdoor recreational spot for the nature lovers of Charleston. The water breeze and shady trees add value to the garden and comfort to the visitors. This remarkable space is well known for its historical events. A gazebo at the center of the park entices a lot of visitors to the park every year. This white point garden is a must-see place for the visitors who are new to Charleston. The greenish areas of the garden are eye-catching and jaw-dropping. The waterfront benches make you feel comfortable and completely relaxed.

You could witness the safety measures taken by the officials of the garden by protecting the Yellow-crowned Night Herons. This park is a plate of peace-lovers of the city with a lot of sweet memories. Located at the southern tip of Charleston, this place is easily accessible to all customers from across the globe. Anyone can reach the place anywhere downtown in their bikes and cycle. The presence of monuments and statues add extra glory to the place. The long statue at the park is dedicated to confederates. The visitors can enjoy the natural scenery of the park along with the water vistas in all directions. The presence of Palmetto and ancient Live Oak trees make the customers enjoying shady areas to sit and watch.

The garden and walking area of the park is a nice place to spend time with visitors. The presence of harbors and view of sunsets are the best attractions in the park to the visitors. The waterfront sidewalk is never missed by any of the visitors to the park. The runners and walkers find the sidewalk area very useful for their practices. presence of civil war cannons is a sure shot place for the tourists. The park renovation efforts made by the professionals working in the garden keep the park in the limelight. The volunteers and donors of the park do add excellent work to their level.

The white point garden is an excellent photogenic area for many people who visit. This iconic site gives unforgettable memories of the civil and revolutionary wars of the city. Aqua Angles keep the garden hydrated all the time of the year, especially during summer months. The activity of public art installation is an exclusive view to the visitors of the garden. The visitors can walk the dog since the management allows your pets to enter into the beautiful park. The conservancy team of the garden enhances the learning of the volunteers and also makes them involved in protecting the native species of the town. Educational classes and a variety of programs are being conducted by the garden authorities to impart plant knowledge. This learning experience would trigger the passion of your love for protecting the trees.

The other event of the Battery garden is to teach volunteers about playing new trees in Charleston thereby making city greenish. Conservancy parks of the garden team are involved making everyone to plant trees. The museum of the garden is hair rising since it has all types o monuments and give the visitors a lot of knowledge about wars took place. The payphone facility of the park gives a mind-blowing treat to the visitors. The kids can have an excellent time at the park by running and playing everywhere. The outdoor activities of the park make you sensational and it will give you a fantastic feeling when you leave.

The well-maintained grounds and the presence of wifi add extra love to this public garden. The entry into the public garden is not a charged and free basis for the visitors. The special feature of the park is that the public can handle wedding events in the park without any restrictions and can enjoy the moments with the family members. The most important feature is that the visitors are not restricted to bring their own snacks, beverages, or any food items. They are free to bring those items into the park and can have a hassle-free day in the park.

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