Explore Historical Georgian Row Houses on Rainbow Row Charleston SC

When it comes to traveling, one must check out the beauty of Rainbow Row Charleston SC. It is a photographic spot and one of the most splendid sites to visit. Rainbow Row is 13-house series, which is brightly painted and beautifully arranged. One can also see a pleasant view of the waterfront all along.

What is a rainbow row?

As the name suggests, Rainbow Row is a 13-house series colorfully and brightly painted and displayed. It is located across a beautiful waterfront lined on the street of East Bay, Charleston. They are pastel-colored, which makes it one of Charleston’s most unique spots. They are located around Battery, and many couples visit it as an occasion of their wedding or engagement. This is a tourist location, which is a good reason why many people take pictures. This attractive spot pulls various tourists from many countries. As it is a historic site, there are multiple myths, stories, and legends that are heard by the most in Charleston. These series of houses are aesthetic and eye-catching, as described by various tourists and visitors. The row houses run on East Bay Street from 79-107.

How did the Rainbow Row start?

As you scroll and explore more and more pictures on various sites, you might question why they aren’t as vibrant as described. As this is a historic site built in the early 18th century, they experienced a severe run-out and abandonment. As per historical data, it is said that early merchants arranged their businesses and trades in these buildings. They would carry-out the businesses in the lower section and made homes on the top. It was categorized as a slum after the completion of the Civil War.

Rainbow Row Revitalization

After the bitter experience of the Civil War, Dorothy Legge purchased the series and painted them with bright and pastel shades of pink. It was done for the motive of making them alive, vibrant, and beautiful again. Following this trend, different occupants used pastel paints and different shades to make theirs’ more vibrant.

The formation of a row of rainbow-colored pastel series of houses had many theories that support it. Some say that it was done for easy navigation of homes as many sailors at that time came home drunk. The pastel look might have helped them locate their houses. Others say that it was categorized based on the goods that merchants sold back then. It was also said that it was to bring down the temperature during the summer season in Charleston. Whatever the case might be, it wouldn’t change the fact that it is one of the most aesthetic sites with a historical background.


Rainbow Row Charleston SC is one of the sites that must not get scratched off the historical list. It is 13-house row series painted with vibrant, bright, and pastel paints, making it look as beautiful as it is right now. It is located in a spot where one can also view the beautiful waterfront of East Bay. One can hear many legends that go back to the ancient and historical background regarding this spot. Having so much in store to see and experience, Rainbow Row makes it a site worth a thousand visits.

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