5 Things to Do at Charles Towne Historic Site

Due to the size of Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Charleston SC, there are a lot of things to do there. Thus, there will never be a time when you are bored. You can just choose one of these activities to do with the entire family:

Charles Town Historic Site

Bird Watching

This place is known for all the animals here so better bring your binoculars for some fantastic bird watching. Also, better bring your bird books so you would know the bird species you spot. It will certainly be fun to see the different bird species interact with one another. It is also great to see them enjoying life like they should be without anyone interrupting them.


There is a gift shop at Charles Towne Historic Site where you can check out some souvenirs. In addition, there are some educational books there that won’t cost much due to the number of things you are going to learn from them. Keep in mind that the gift shop opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm though. It would certainly be great to buy something that will make you remember the times you had in this place.

Dog Walking

It would be a nice outdoor park for your pet to explore. Be sure to clean up if your pet poops or pees though since nobody else will do it for you. Remember that all types of pets are not allowed in the animal forest. It is for their own safety anyway. Also, better keep your pets on a leash so they won’t run off and you will end up getting worried because you can’t find them. That has happened numerous times due to how big the place is so better watch what your dog is doing at all times.


Forgot to bring your bike after checking out the groovy bike trails? Fear not as there are some bikes for rent here at just $15 per day. That is just a small amount at all the sites you will check out in a short span of time. In addition, better wear a helmet as a safety precaution as there will be some bumpy roads along the way. Better make sure you are pretty experienced with riding a bike before getting on one.


If you brought your hiking boots, you will be going to a bunch of hiking trails with awesome sights. Don’t forget to bring your camera as there will be a ton of awesome sights to take good pictures of. You can’t blame yourself if you get excited for this.

With all the activities there is to do at Charles Towne Landing Site, better book your next family trip here as soon as possible. It would be ideal to be there for an entire day. Also, bring extra shirts so you can change after a day of exploring the place. You will certainly perspire especially if the weather is extremely hot. Thus, better go on a day when the weather is kinda fair.

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