House Museum at Charleston

House Museum at Charleston

The Aiken Rhett Museum and Gardens on Quay Road in Charleston, Dorset, was originally built as a working house in 1764 and now houses exhibits and a varied museum program. The permanent and temporary exhibits tell stories from local geology, natural history, and archeology, as well as stories from local history and examples of local costumes throughout the centuries.

Originally, the main building had the dining room in the middle, with the men’s accommodation wing to the north and the women’s accommodation wing to the south. A school room and a children’s room are in the back. In the 1860s it was decided that a new, larger workhouse was necessary due to the increasingly crowded and poor conditions in the old workhouse. In 1877, plans were made to build a new workhouse on Fairmile Road. This new workhouse became the Fairmile House Public Assistance Institution after 1930, but, unlike theAiken Rhett Museum and Gardens, it has now been largely demolished.

The museum offers a number of exhibits and exhibits that change throughout the year. These may include topics such as musical instruments, the Romans and their lives in the Charleston region, gardening and herbs, historical weapons, art and art workshops, as well as open competitions.

The Aiken Rhett House Museum Charleston welcomes younger visitors and school trips and offers a comprehensive and growing program to teach children about Victorian social history, ancient toys, and archeology. Children’s art and history exhibitions are offered throughout the year, providing a better insight into individual artists and their works.

Several sessions have been developed especially to support learning in key phases 1 and 2, including fascinating interactive exhibits and hands-on research. Students can learn about conservation by discovering the agents of destruction in the museum, including pests, water, and light. With the practical Old and New Homes display, kids can handle old household items like costumes, cooking, and toy displays. The popular Exploring Toys for Preschool Children exhibition and KS1 provide children with information about toys over time and the opportunity to play with replica toys from the past. Life in the Victorian era helps children imagine what life was like through artifact galleries, costumes, and social history.

This is just a selection of the school sessions available at the Aiken Rhett Museum and Gardens. Others cover Into the Workhouse, Past Seaside Holidays, Town Trail, Invaders and Settlers, as well as seasonal exhibits like Christmas contrasts. This popular event is a full day that combines the Into the Workhouse session with a contrasting visit to a rich Victorian home.

The Aiken Rhett Museum and Garden are within walking distance of Charleston High Street and Priory Church. It can be booked for a variety of events, from parties to corporate seminars. The museum houses a formal herb garden with culinary and medicinal herbs, a sunny courtyard, and a secluded informal garden with traditional roses and a variety of rare shrubs and trees.


England has a wealth of interesting historical sites to offer. Among the many museums she has scattered around her country is the museum in the Aiken Rhett district of Charleston. The premises have been preserved in their original state. It is a Georgian house located in the center of High Aiken Rhett.

The museum was recently founded in 1938. As the name suggests, it has a collection of artifacts dealing with subjects like Aiken Rhett Market and Fair and Battle of Aiken Rhett. The extensive collection includes photographs, books, maps, documents, objects and many other things that are of interest to visitors to understand the people of the region and the history of the region. Most of the items were donated by families in the region. Therefore, it is also a place where you can perform familiar searches on your extensive files. The library, reference area, and archives are open and can be used publicly. The place is run by volunteers from the District and Aiken Rhett Local History Society, originally known as the Aiken Rhett Registry Society.

There are permanent exhibits on school education in Aiken Rhett, archeology, the Battle of Aiken Rhett, which is mainly made up of medieval finds, 20th century household items, women’s fashion accessories like hats, women’s clothing, lace, and other costumes as well like the Aiken Rhett training trade and the general public. Homes, the ventilator, local businesses like Watson’s microscopes, various services like fire departments and hospitals, the front of the house in Aiken Rhett during WWII and also a Victorian room. For those who want to visit this museum and look back in time, it is open from Tuesday to Sunday and admission is free.

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