Drayton Hall Charleston – a point of interest in Charleston SC

Drayton Hall Charleston

Charleston comprises a wide assortment of tourist spots and Drayton Hall Charleston is one of the leading points of interest in Drayton Hall, Charleston. Drayton Hall contributes to being the 18th-century plantation, which is nestled on Ashley River, located at a distance of 15miles in the northwestern direction of Charleston in South California.

This mansion was developed for John Drayton Sr., the father of John Drayton after he has purchased the property in the year of 1738. As the 3rd son of the family, he was aware that he is not capable of inheriting nearby own birthplace.

For several decades, it was believed that the house was purchased in the year 1738 whereas it was completed in 1752. However, during the year of 2014, a wood core examination showcased that the attic timbers have been cut from the tress, which fell during the years of 1747-48 in the winter season.

About Drayton Hall Charleston

The double-pile seven-bay plantation house is located with the area of the 630-acre site which contributes to being an integral part of the plantation, following the rice and indigo. The former site of about 13 slave cabins is known to possess 78 slaves.

7 generations of Drayton heirs have been preserving the house in the original condition. According to the reports, an earthquake leads to the destruction of the laundry house in the year of 1886. The kitchen was destroyed by the hurricane in the year 1893.


As you pay a visit to Drayton hall, you will be taken back to the time of the 18th century where you will be mesmerized to find that the plantations determine the essence of the Southern lifestyle. It is loved by the travel lovers as the gardens and the estate reflect the true work of architectural art. Nestled in Colonial America, it stands the test of time.

It also preserves the portraying of the period of history accurately. The property passed through the 7 different generations of the Drayton family after which it was transferred for preserving history to the National Trust during the 70s. It has earned the high popularity of the National Historic Landmark which is visited by a plethora of visitors throughout the year. At the entry point, you will find the Memorial Arch which designates the area, holding one of the oldest African American cemeteries of the country.

Things to do in Drayton Hall Charleston

During your visit to Drayton hall plantation, you can go for guided house tours which provide the opportunity for visiting every nook and corner of the interior part of the estate. Tourists rejuvenate themselves and forget all the hurdles of life as they have a view of the landscape of this tourist spot.

This landscape was created with the combination of the native and exotic plants which happen to be the primary attraction of Drayton Hall. The front lawn of this tourist destination used to be a rice pond once upon a time which has now been constructed into the elegant reflective pool.

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