What are the Most Popular Interior Colors?

When the time comes to paint the inside of your home, we know how important it is to you that you end up with a color scheme and a paint job that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. However, when it comes to picking out paint colors it can be overwhelming because there are just so many different colors and variations of the same color. In order to make it a little easier for you, we put together a little bit of information about some of the most popular interior colors currently. When choosing colors you may want a paint to do a certain thing like make a smaller space look larger or make a room feel more peaceful and calm. You can do this by choosing the right colors.

Popular Colors

A Few of the Colors That Help Make a Room Feel Larger

If you are looking for a colors that will help make a smaller room feel bigger, you’re going to want to go with colors that are neutral and light. These are colors that work well in small areas. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t include bolder colors that you may really like, especially if you are trying to make your room look a tad bigger. You can always use softer tones when it comes to your accessories and the furniture that you put in the room. This way you can balance out a bolder color with more neutral ones so that the room doesn’t become overwhelming. Below you’ll find a few suggestions of some of the more popular colors that many are going with to spruce up their homes inside.

“Swirling Smoke”

“Swirling Smoke” is a wonderfully subtle color that will go great with a lot of darker tones you might happen to like because it’s one of those colors that has a soft hint of gray which can give any room a very calming feel to it.

“Cloud White”

“Cloud White” is a bright white and is a great choice for rooms that have very high ceilings especially rooms with vaulted ceilings. It also can help a much smaller room look bigger. It’s a great color that you can put together with light blues and different shades of gray. It’s also an ideal color for satin or eggshell sheens.

“Hale Navy”

Presently “Hale Navy”, tends to be at the top when it comes to popularity with a lot of consumers. The reason for its popularity is because it has a really crisp look to it and is refreshing. It’s a color that has the ability to help make any kind of space look cheery and bright.


“Skylight” is a wonderful gray-bluish color that’s light, fresh, clean and extremely cheery. It’s a color that is a cool tone that helps a room feel like a fresh breezy afternoon.

It’s a great color that is quite versatile and can easily be accented with deeper tones. Some deeper tones can really accent the look of freshness of this color.

Designer Tip – If you are painting a small room that has tight corners, it’s always a good idea to consider painting both the trim and the walls the same color. This is especially true for rooms that don’t have much natural lighting. When you do this it can help rooms that have low walls. By painting the trim the same color of paint is going to help the ceiling look higher.

“Coastal Fog”

“Coastal Fog”  is a great color for those who are looking for a beach or ocean feel because of its green-gray tone. On top of giving you an ocean feel it also gives a room a feel of calmness. This is a wonderful color if the room you are painting has a lot of windows as well as doors. This color works best when you paint the walls and the trim the same. You can accent with accessories and/or furniture.

“Navy Masterpiece”

If you love deep tones, you’ll love “Navy Masterpiece” because it’s a wonderful deep dark tone of paint that can range anywhere from a deep gray-blue to a deep rich blue. If you are trying to make a room look and feel very cozy this would be the ideal color to use. If the room you are painting is a large room you may want to get a lighter color to paint the trim with. Now, if it’s a smaller room you’ll want to paint the walls and trim with this color, especially if you have a low ceiling.

“Colonial Aqua” and “Geyser”

Both of these colors are very natural hues that are gray-blue to gray-green. They are listed together because they work great together in one room, especially if you want the room to have a very bright, light, and cheerful feel to it. These are wonderful colors if you want a room to have an ocean feel to it.

“Stonehenge Griege”

This color is one that gives a really nice earthy and warm feel to any room. It’s a color that’s not too dark and it’s not too light. It has a nice tan tone to it with just a tiny hint of gray to it. It’s the kind of color that can turn any room that was somewhat cold and uninviting into a very inviting, cozy, and warm room, that anyone will feel comfortable in. It also helps a small room feel a little bit bigger.

“Chelsea Gray”

 This is another warm tone that is a somewhat dark gray color that can work very well when you paint the trim white. This color works well in any size room. It’s also a great color that helps give just about any room a really comfortable and inviting feel. It really works well in rooms like dens, studies, or libraries.

“Orange Blossom”

 Whenever you pick a shade of orange you’re making a bold move and some may shy away from it. But “Orange Blossom” will change your mind on it. This color can be bold and vibrant but it also can give a room a very warm and cozy feel. It’s often used for bedrooms because it can give a room a very romantic feel as well. This is not an ordinary orange color, instead “Orange Blossom” is a more sophisticated and elegant tone

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