Tips To Hire Residential Painters

Hiring Residential Painters

It is imperative to hire a painter for increasing the appeal of your residence. However, it can be quite challenging to hire a professional house painter. Although you might like to perform the job yourself, the results will not be up to the mark. Whether you are getting your house painted for preparing it for sale or you are repainting it for yourself, it is essential to learn how to come across the most competent residential painter out there. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned some guidelines for hiring residential house painters.

1. Verify past work and references

One essential thing to take into consideration while hiring a professional painter is what others are saying about them. Although you might go online, it is also essential to come in touch with several of their previous customers to verify what it will be like to work with the painter.

Moreover, ask the painter whether he will be able to provide examples of the earlier projects done by him which will help you to understand whether it will match your requirements or not.

2. Set a budget

The cost will be an essential factor while hiring residential house painters. Try to set a budget prior to exploring different options, and comprehend clearly how you would like to get the job done. It is your budget which will help to figure out the type of painter you’d like to hire. While a high amount is charged by certain house painters, others will be charging competitive rates in spite of delivering top quality services. Your primary objective will be to make certain that the quality isn’t compromised by any means. It is essential for the painter to make use of the proper tools and also inform you how to prepare for the job. Make it a point to obtain quotes from at least 3 pending companies and compare between them before choosing the ideal one for you.

3. Warranty

Another vital thing to consider while hiring residential house painters will be the warranty offered by them. Try to go for painters who have a one-year warranty since the majority of the issues will arise within the initial year. However, you can also go for 2 to 3-year warranties. In case the painter tries to avoid warranties by not providing you with a copy of the conditions then you must avoid him. Make sure that you get a full warranty in writing before signing any contract.

4. Ask about additional expenses

It might be the fact that removing furniture might not be included in the estimates of the painter. In case you are not able to do it, ask whether there will be an additional charge. Apart from this, painting baseboards, crown molding, and walls or ceilings which are more than 8 feet in height can also add to the expenses.

5. Insurance and permits

Never make the mistake of hiring residential house painters without verifying their permits, credentials, and insurance documents at first. Make it a point to select legitimate painting companies who will be able to prove their expertise and do not be scared of asking them plenty of questions. These will actually act as additional layers of protection in case you are not satisfied with the job or any accident takes place.

6. Ask questions

After having a list of prospective house painters, your subsequent step will be to interview each one of them. You might approach them by means of a phone call, social media platforms, or email. You need to ask the following questions:

·  The experience of the painter and whether he has a proper insurance cover

·  The approximate time that they are going to take for completing the project

·  Whether they will be complying with the safety regulations

·  Whether they’re going to bring their own paint and tools

7. Establish a contract

Prior to hiring a professional painting contractor, it is important to make certain that they have informed you regarding their name, address, mobile number, license number, and so on. Always make it a point to write down these details and then sign the contract.


Hiring residential house painters for painting the interior and exterior of your house is definitely a big deal. Try to select a professional painter who is honest, highly recommended, and trustworthy. Hopefully, these guidelines mentioned above will help you to do so.

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