Historic Charleston City Market Charleston SC

Historic Charleston City Market Charleston SC

Have you been to Charleston South Carolina? Perhaps it should be on your bucket list. The Historic Charleston City Market Charleston SC will give you a flavor of the city, and some history as well. The Charleston City Market was granted the 2012 Phoenix Award, given by the Society of American Travel Writers.


The Night Market is typically available on Friday and Saturday nights, and includes music, food, and crafts. It presently is closed because of the coronavirus. The following array is available during the Day Market.

Market Hall

A good place to begin your tour of the city market, the Market Hall is at the corner of Market and Meeting streets. Market Hall was built in 1841, and is a National Register Landmark of the “highest architectural design quality”. The building is of Greek style, and features stucco, sandstone, and iron work. This hall features an enclosed story above an open, ground-level arcade. Make your way through the arcade to the “Great Hall”.

Great Hall

The Great Hall is a building of 18,300 square feet, with a skylight running the length of the building. With natural light filling the building, the hall encloses the following boutique businesses (a selection from all of the businesses):

  •  gold and silver jewelry
  •  gifts and decor for the home and garden
  •  biscuits made by hand
  •  Christmas gifts and collectibles
  •  hats
  •  art and culture of the Gullah peoples
  •  gourmet coffee and deli
  •  clothing for little boys and girls
  •  specialty foods
  •  a jewelry store that has been in Charleston for over 40 years
  •  perfume and essential oils from around the world
  •  accessories, clothing, and beauty products
  •  home and garden furnishings and accessories
  •  unique and recycled glassware plus more
  •  purses from Vera Bradley and accessories
  •  new era art
  •  jewelry, beads, stones, and more
  • Southern Expressions:
  •  unique edibles
  •  unique items for your home and garden, plus gifts
  •  toys, gadgets, gifts, and books

The above businesses are just a sampling of the kind that exist in the Great Hall. Many more are available for your benefit and shopping pleasure. Products available range from sweetgrass baskets to stone-ground grits to more jewelry and clothing.

Open Air Sheds

The city market has 3 open air sheds for local businesses. The unique structures have survived for 2 centuries, enduring the gamut of natural disasters, and cannon balls from civil war time.

Sweetgrass Basketry

Sweetgrass baskets are made from locally grown grasses by approximately 50 local Gullah artisans. The baskets are one of this nation’s finest examples of African art, and are highly treasured keepsakes. One of these artisans, Mary Jackson made a special sweetgrass basket that is now in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. In 2008 Mary received the “genius grant” from the MacArthur Foundation for her life’s work in making sweetgrass basketry.

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Touring the Historical Calhoun Mansion Charleston

Historical Calhoun Mansion

Charleston, SC has plenty to offer to its visitors and tourists, and one of them is the Historical Calhoun Mansion. It is the largest private home constructed in 1876 of Charleston. But currently, it is a museum with amazing architecture. However, for all, irrespective of being an architectural fan or not, this historical Mansion is sure worth a visit.

The Calhoun Mansion – Overview

It is a Victorian house that is spread over 24k sq. Feet with moldings, craftsmanship, and beautiful woodwork of those times. It is located at 16 Meeting Street in Charleston, SC. It is open for visitors and tours. It has 35 rooms in all with the Italian building style and a regal appeal. The main hall is about 14 ft wide and 50 ft long. The ballroom of this Mansion carries a ceiling that is 45 feet high. Overall, the Mansion has 23 fireplaces, 14- foot ceilings with one 75-foot dome, and 45-foot skylight.

History of the Calhoun Mansion

This Mansion was bought by George W. Williams, a businessman, in the form of Meeting Street’s “Lowndes Lot.” The Mansion was constructed from 1875-1876. W.P. Russell drew the building plan. The contract was given to the Devereux Brothers. George William constructed this Mansion to his belief of the rise of Charleston from the Civil War ruins.

John C. Calhoun was the vice president of the USA, and statesman of South Carolina from 1825-1832. He had a grandson who was also the son in law of George Williams. George Williams died in 1903. Post Williams’s death, the residence was inherited by Patrick Calhoun, his son in law and John C. Calhoun’s grandson. Therefore, the Mansion continued to be known as �The Calhoun Mansion.’ It became a hotel in 1914 after First World War. Later it deteriorated. In 1976, it was restored by a private resident who also bought this residence. It took about 25 years for total restoration. A portion was opened for tours. In 2004, it was sold for 9.5 million. Currently, it operates as a museum and a residence.

Some fascinating facts of the Museum:

  • Charles Pinckney owned the Lowndes Lot, U.S. constitution signer.
  • The price of the lot was purchased for 40,000 dollars.
  • It is the largest residence for a single-family all through Charleston, SC.
  • It was tagged as the most complete and handsomest private residence of the South by Charleston News, after its completion.
  • The current worth of the Mansion is about 6.5 million dollars.

What do you get to see?

You are sure to enjoy a mansion tour that takes you through Japanese water gardens, private elevators, grand ballroom, piazzas, high ceiling staircases, and Koi-fish ponds. The décor within is fantastic but yet simple. There is luxury, elegance, and Victorian-era touch. One can find many antiques that complement the rich and long history of those times. There is something for everyone to explore. There are furniture collections to decorative historical objects to fine art in this age historical museum. The museum has won international and national acclaim. Not only interiors, but exteriors are also amazing with restored gardens. The place takes you back in time, and you will appreciate the creativity of the Mansion.

Touring at the Calhoun Mansion

The tours are open from 11 to 5 pm every day. Public tours can be taken between 11- 4:30 pm all through December to February. From March to November, the timings are from 11-5 pm. Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, the museum is closed.

Several tour operators and guides take you through the museum and guide you through the historical aspects of the building, artefacts, décor, and the gardens.

You are taken to the following spots of the building:

  • The Grand Entrance Hall
  • The Gentleman’s Library
  • The ornate living room
  • The Lady’s Sitting Room
  • The Reception Room
  • The Owner’s Office
  • The English Gardens

Mansion Tours usually price about 15 dollars and are generally of 35 mins duration. For longer tour durations, more aspects of the building are covered and charged more.


Touring the Calhoun Mansion will take you back to those times with their décor, furnishings, artefacts, interiors, and exteriors. For an antique, history, and architectural lover, a visit to the Calhoun Mansion is a treat. It is best to check out the important spots of the Mansion beforehand and get a tour guide to cover those spots in a stipulated time. Take a tour to visit the largest private residence of Charleston in South Carolina.

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What Travelers Say About Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Charleston

Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

There are many tours that you can book for a visit to Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Charleston. It is a truly great experience. The tours are often in small groups so you would just spend it with a few other people you can become friends with. It would be better to book at least a day in advance so you can ensure you will get a slot. If you book a tour on the same day, then you are going to take a huge risk. There is even a chance you won’t be included in the same group as your other friends which would not be good news for them. For other people, that would be alright since you will hardly notice with the abundance of things to do in this place. Here are a few of the things you can do while at that place:

Excellent Guide

The guide knew a lot of things when it comes to what happened with this place in the past. Apparently, there are a lot of people who were punished in this place. It is always a great feeling to learn a lot of new things that happened in the past. It is pretty different from what I heard in the movies. I always knew there was more than meets the eye in this place. In fact, the guide does a pretty good job explaining what happened in the past. You can tell right away the guide was born and raise in Charleston. How else could that person know so much about Charleston if she did not live here that long? You can expect these guides to deal with tourists from all over the world. They are not shy about bragging what the town is all about.

Outstanding Architecture

The architecture in this place is absolutely astonishing. You know you would want to take tons of photos of the place and you will conclude right away some of the best architects got a lot to do with that. Better remember the rules the tour guide will tell you though so you won’t have to do something illegal then get surprised about it when the time is right.

Better in Person

You can get the impression that the place is amazing from what you see in pictures. I am here to tell you that the place is even better in person. Thus, better come on time for your guided tour to get a great historical background about the place. You know you would want to take advantage of each minute you are there since the entire thing would last for a couple of hours. In fact, you would want to take a bunch of selfies once you get in the dungeon and see how men are tortured in there. You can’t possibly see any living creature would last in this place.

An American History Lesson

We will all get a history lesson regarding what happened before the Civil war. A lot of things happened during that time and we are going to learn a lot of things that we probably learned in school. It is evident that you forgot all about that which is why we are going to take a trip down memory lane. There are times when the dungeon tour is included with other tours as part of a package. It is not such a bad idea to do something like that as you are going to get a lot for the price of one ticket. At the end of the day, you know you are going to get your money’s worth.

Better book one of the highly recommended tours of Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Charleston with a renowned tour agency. You know you will get your money’s worth. It won’t even last long so you can schedule other tours for that day. There is no harm in dong so because you would want to make the most out of your vacation. After all, you only have a few days off then it would be back to work again. Hence, it would be better to do it over again and see what you are going to get out of the tour.

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What Tourists Say About Charleston Pirate Tours

Charleston Pirate Tours

Believe it or not, there were once pirates in Charleston. The Charleston Pirate tours are one of the things you must definitely do when you are in town. It is a great time for the entire family. Nobody will have a boring time. In fact, the tours are always fully booked so better book your slots ahead of time. You know you are going to have fun when you see your kids smiling. Here are a few things reviewers praise about the tours:

Amazing Guide

The tour guide knows what to do with his voice in order to gauge the interest of the audience. He knows how to introduce the pirates that once roamed Charleston. The hour is filled with non-stop frights and laughs. The guide is pretty good when it comes to history of the town. He is not short on information so you will definitely get your money’s worth when you want a lot of information about the past. Furthermore, it is just a short walk but the guide is going to tell you what you will expect. Don’t forget that the tour guide will also act as a pirate which would make the experience feel kinda reel. You can tell the guide is pretty passionate about what he does. There is not a chance that the guide won’t get sick of what he is currently doing.

Lots of Photo Opportunities

There will be place in the Charleston Pirate Tours dressed as pirates so better get your kids ready for tons of photo opportunities. Better make sure your battery is full so nobody would want to miss out on the chance of a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is not every day you are going to encounter people dressed as pirates. You would want something to remember this experience by. The guide will make sure the adults have a lot of fun too as you know you should not get left out for something you paid for. There will be ghost stories for the adults and each one is worth researching for. You can’t blame yourself if your kid will get addicted to it. The experience will capture kids’ minds like no other and they won’t stop talking about it.

Wealth of Information

You won’t be prepared for all the things you will learn. You won’t even need a notebook to take down all the things the guide will teach you. There is no doubt you will remember them by heart. You will even get excited about sharing all that information to all the people that you see after finishing the tour. There is no question the tour will leave a huge mark in your heart. You may even be tempted to do it again. Best to put your mobile phone on silent mode so you won’t get distracted while the tour is ongoing. The last thing you would want to happen is for something to drive your attention away from something as unique as the Charleston Pirate Tours. Who would have thought a lot of things happened in the past of Chaleston?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to dress as pirates for this tour unless it is Halloween. They don’t really recommend it as it will provide confusion to other people who decide to join the tours. The only thing you need to do would be to have an open mind because of all the things you will learn about the myths. It will certainly be a lot different than all the myths you learned from digging up the Internet or from other people who decide to explain pirate stories to you.

The walking tour may be an hour long but there will plenty of opportunities to sit and rest. Use those moments to collect your thoughts because you will want to take a deep breath. Furthermore, there will be some souvenirs so you can have some things you can remember the tour by. There were a lot of things I did not know about pirates thanks to watching mainly pirate movies. Now, I know a lot more than I do and I don’t think there is a pirate tour in the world as good as this one.

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Things to Know About Edmondston-Alston House in Charleston

Edmondston-Alston House in Charleston

Though there are several house museums in Charleston but you can get a wide view of the harbor of Charleston from only one house museum known as Edmondston-Alston House. It is situated in the United States at 21 E Battery, Charleston in South Carolina. This house was constructed in 1825 and renovated in 1838 and in April 1861 General P. T. Beauregard signaled for the start of the Civil War after watching the brutal bombardment of Ft. Sumter from its piazza. In December 1861, one night when the safety of General Robert E. Lee in a hotel of Charleston was threatened by wide-spread firing then this house became the place of refuge for him. In this way, in the 18th and 19th century this house was the central point of the wealth of Charleston due to the beginning of the Civil War from its harbor. The information provided here under will help you to know Edmondston-Alston House Charleston more closely.

Tour of Edmondston-Alston House

Today this house is open for the public to tour along it to know about its historical and cultural values. It is one of the most popular houses along the wall of the sea where you can have a tour along with other tourists visiting it. A guided tour for 30 minutes allows you to see the piazzas and rooms of this house along with the vast collection of the furniture, and decorative pieces of arts and silver of this family as well as the Greek and Federal designs of revival. You can enjoy these guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 AM to 4:30 pm whereas from 1 pm to 4:30 pm on Sunday and Monday. You will have to make appointments in advance for in-depth and private tours.

Capabilities of guides

The guides deployed at Edmondston-Alston House for guided tours have excellent knowledge of the collection in this traditional house museum. In this house, you can find several rooms restored and finished with a wonderful collection of the objects showing the strong derivation of the family.

Memorable things in this house

 In the house of Edmondston-Alston, you can find several things to remember for several months and years. One of the things with reflective experiences can be the widespread piazza from where on a fine day you can see Fort Sumter, which was the point of the start of the Civil War. The price of the admission to this house is justified by the view of the sea from its second floor as you cannot find any other place in this region equivalent to it. The descendants of the family which owned this house before the Civil War still reside in this house and retain the wonderful collection of the original items at their place, it is exceptional for Charleston.

Combo ticket for Middleton Place & Edmondston‑Alston House

If you want to explore these two historic places at a reasonable cost then buying a combo ticket can be a good option. It will allow you to have a combined tour of a National Historic Landmark, Middleton Place, along with the tour of Edmondston-Alston House. In Middleton Place, you can see a House museum, plantation life of 18th and 19 century, and costumed craftsmen as well as breeds of historic animals in the Stableyards spread on the landscaped gardens of 65 acres.

Guidelines for safety in Edmondston-Alston House

The CDC recommended guidelines for the safety of the health of the visitors and employees in today’s outbreak of COVID-19. They have will have to follow these safety guidelines while enjoying a guided tour for the Edmondston-Alston house including:

  • Frequent disinfecting the surfaces touched frequently
  • Limiting the occupancy
  • Wear a mask to cover your face. You should bring your own mask as here they are available in very limited numbers
  • Providing entry with low contact
  • Providing hand sanitizer to be used by the employees and the visitors
  • Sick people should stay at home if they are not feeling well
  • Visitors and staff should be separated by six feet to maintain social distancing
  • While sneezing and coughing they must use a tissue and throw it into trash afterward
  • Sanitize your hands with soap and water or sanitizer including 60% alcohol minimum.
  • Never use unwashed hands to touch nose, eyes, and mouth

Thus, you can visit the Edmondston-Alston house Charleston safely by following the guidelines of the CDC.

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Nathaniel Russell House Charleston

Nathaniel Russell House

Nathaniel Russell House’s History of Slavery

In the cobblestone alleyways, incredible world-class restaurants, and miles of captivating beaches of Charleston, a strong sense of historic significance can be felt. After all, this was the city in which the first shots of the American Civil War had been fired. This city’s history has been riddled with slavery.

Let’s take a look into one of the most historically important sites in this city that encapsulates the essence of that history. Commonly referred to as one of America’s most important Neoclassical houses, Nathaniel Russell house was built by the slave trader and wealthy merchant of the same name, and it served as a display of his wealthy elitist prominence in the city.

It was built in the then-popular federal style, and in the year 1995, the Historic Charleston Foundation began on a journey to analyze and restore the mansion to its former glory. This was a wise decision, for the mansion remains a popular attraction up to this day, drawing many tourists to the city. This townhouse has, no doubt, had a huge role to play in Travel + Leisure Magazine’s decision to rank Charleston as the best city in the world perpetually over the last few decades.

Take a Step Back in Time with this Tour

As part of a package deal, you can save money by opting for the combination ticket that allows you to visit the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. Right across the street from the visiting center, you can walk on over to the museum in question. They are all within easy walking distance of the rest of the city’s core.

Unlike most historic houses and museums, they allow photography. So don’t miss your chance and grab your camera. You’ll be glad you did.

You have a choice between the docent-led tour or a self-guided tour using the Historic Charleston app. If the timing works out, you are recommended to choose the former, as the tour guides have been repeatedly praised for their enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge, openness to questions, and overall pleasantness to be around. But if time constraints don’t work out, using the app, you can listen to the recorded multi-media guided tour of the house instead, which isn’t bad either. The price is the same either way. Proceeds go towards the ongoing restoration efforts of the house.

Be prepared to be taken back by the magnificent antique housewares and furniture, as you immerse yourself in the life and culture surrounding the 19th-century commerce of the area, and learn about this family of the elite merchant, as well. You’ll be impressed by the architectural wonder.

But the centerpiece attraction of the mansion has to be the marvelous engineering of the staircase. It is an oval-shaped spiral staircase without any supports and yet manages to ascend three floors. It looks very beautiful in the ambient lighting. Here’s your chance to take some creatively angled photos.

Although by the Historic Charleston Foundation’s admission, some of the antiques for you to discover aren’t authentic to the items found in the house, you’ll be nonetheless charmed by the restoration efforts that will help you visualize what life in Charleston was like back in the 19th century. They’ve done a lot to faithfully preserve the history of the house despite their limited knowledge of some parts of the mansion.

The restoration

As mentioned, the restoration process is still ongoing. The summer kitchen, house kitchen, and the two-story slave quarters in the back of the rear of the house are among the projects that are being worked on currently.

Little is known about the slaves that labored and suffered there, having built the house themselves, brick by brick. Nathaniel Russell is thought to have moved in the mansion with 16 slaves and has had an estimated number of 18 slaves that have lived and worked there in total. Experts have no records to help them tell us much about them but the forensic evidence that is left there. For example, a piece of a reading primer had been found preserved in rat urine inside the remains of an undisturbed rat nest in the drywall. Rats are known to gather a ton of items from a 50-foot radius. Could this mean a slave had gotten their hands on a reading primer and was illegally learning how to read and write? If that is true, it is a hallmark of their ambition in the bleakest of times.

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Waterfront Park Charleston

Waterfront Park Charleston

Waterparks are a lot of fun in the summer due to you wanting to be covered by everything in water. Charleston is a beautiful place that most Americans don’t get the chance to see for themselves. There is some beautiful artistic ways in the way water is flowing from these parts. The area around the fountains is also super well kept for presentation purposes. It’s a great pl;ace to go to with friends during the summer and is open for just about the entire day. You get a ton of things that you can do at the park for a very low cost.

Waterfront Park Charleston

This is a place that’s really good for you to go to if you have a significant other or family that you want to work with. There are a lot of benches that you can sit at to be able to take a rest at. If you are a runner, this is a great place to get a quick workout in. There is a lot of area for you to run around in so that other people have the space to walk. There is a lot more to this park than that which is available for everyone.

The park is going to have several events that they share to the public as time goes on. Right now, they are advocating to open stores backup after the impact the coronavirus has had on the city. There are a ton of events just like this to advocate for the community to come together in really tough times. This is one of the best parts of the park. Right now, they have sponsors for their beverage and food sponsors. This helps to promote the company as well as give money to make sure that the park still looks good.

The botanical aspects of the Waterfront Park Charleston as also just as important to the success of the place. It is well kept, and the team puts a lot of effort in making sure that it looks really good. The flowers are really beautiful and people aren’t going to see those kinds of them that you won’t get the opportunity to see for a long time. The grass is also kept in a really well way that looks beautiful to everyone. It is very welcoming to see that it is always going to look like the even when most of the country is on lock down.

The people who manage this park are a non profit organization, which is so that there is a greater aspect of community. People can contribute to the things that they believe in and volunteers are very common because they care about the people of Charleston. Projects keep the culture of the city ingrained into the activities that they care a lot about. Some of these projects have defined the park for the people that go to it. They try to keep sponsors for the companies that actually reside in the state of South Carolina.

Waterfront park Charleston have a list that you can join if you want to hear about new events that are going on. There isn’t any one thing that this place is known for, but knowing about events is a big deal to keep the sense of community. If there is a major event that is going to happen, you will be the first person to learn from their email list that they send out information to. If there are opportunities that you would want to learn about, this is also a great place where you can gain new information from.

This place is a non-profit organization that you can give your money to. This ensures that the incentives for helping the community at placed at the biggest priority. Some non-profit organizations may not have your priorities placed in their plans. On their website, you can look at their financial information to know how they are spending their money. Here you get to see where their money is truly going. This allows you to make judgments for yourself to see if they spend the money how you want them to. The more information you have, the better for the next time.

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Enjoy Charleston Distillery Tours

Charleston Distillery Tours

Charleston is a place in North Carolina where you must visit to join and enjoy the brewery and distillery tours. Generally, Charleston is very much popular for its wide and beautiful beaches, reliable and friendly people and of course the crafted beer. You cannot miss this important thing. If you plan to visit Charleston then you should visit the exclusive Charleston distillery tours and trips of the local crafter breweries.

In these tours, you can see the local and independent businesses all over Charleston. These tours help the local and independent businessman to flourish and upgrade their local economy as well. There are so many tours organized by Charleston. If you want, you can also get the private distillery tours and enjoy the locally crafted beer.

Charleston Cruise Tours:

This cruise bus tour is a full four hours tour of different three types of local breweries. But these breweries are not the same all the time. They may change. In this tour, the visitors will learn the history and significance of Charleston beer. They can also get to know the different process of brewing and varieties of beers as well. You can also get 5 to 6 pours of beer at every single brewery.

Apart from this, the happy hour bus tour will give you some more. This tour will plan some dinner for the visitors. This two and half hour tours will stop at breweries of Palmetto and Holy City. But in this tour, you do not get so much knowledge about the brewing process and types of beers. This tour is designed for fun. Here you should enjoy your sipping and getting booze over it.

So, on these tours, you can enjoy the fully guided details and get the chance to travel to three different local breweries. You can enjoy and have your light snacks on these tours. You can also learn the history of beer and know the delicious and amazing art of crafting beer. You can also get the chance to buy a limited amount of beer from these shops. The delicious local breweries are such as follows:

  • Oyster Stout
  • Pluff Mud Porter
  • BlackBEERd Ale

The value of tickets:

The value of the ticket also varies. It divides into two parts such as follows:

  • In the cruise bus brews tour, the value of the ticket is $60 per person and $25 for the non-drinkers.
  • In the happy hour bus trip, the value of the ticket is $48 per person and $25 for the non-drinkers.

You can buy or book your ticket online. Advanced purchase is needed in this case. so, it is important to book the slot as soon as possible.

Original Charleston Pub and Brewery Tours:

This is three and half hours tour. You can get the chance to visit the historic market streets and also visit three different local breweries. You can enjoy the small samples of crafted beers from the breweries. Through these tours, you can get to know the full history and details about the crafted beer of Charleston and enjoy your every sip while the total driving responsibility is on the tour operators.

The value of the ticket:

You may need to spend $30 per person for these tours.

Charleston is a place to enjoy the nightlife and crafted beer. Since nearly 10 years, the life of North Carolina is based on the travel and tourism business. So, it is very much important for them to continue these tours for their living. Guests and tourists are the gems to them. They earn from their visit. So, they always try to provide all details about the Charleston beer and the types of beers in Charleston. These tours also enhance the business capabilities of the local brewers and it is quite helpful for them as well. Charleston distillery tours are popular and you can get the chance to explore the Charleston beer scene.

These tours are operated with acute safety and measurement. These boozing tours are meant for enjoyment and knowledge about beers. You can get the experienced drivers with you who can elaborate on the important things to you. If you want to customize option, then you can also get that. You can arrange and book the tours for personal groups as well. You need to join these tours to know what exactly goes to each beer glass. You can get the luck to try the crafted ales and all.

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